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Four – One Direction new album


2012年台湾第二届《华人星光大道》的PK魔王。2013年中国第一届《中国梦之声》的前五强。一位被华研国际音乐发觉而签作旗下歌手之一的新人。 他是选秀比赛被发觉的实力派梦之声,杨永聪(James Morris-Cotterill)。

Album Review – Four by One Direction

The biggest selling artist of 2013 takes a step in the right direction

Music that Moves You – Launch of the revamped AMPed App

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AMPed, revamped, brings you ‘Music on the Move’

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Album review - Whitney Houston Live: Her Greatest Performances

Prepare for a vocal master class from the voice of our generation

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Album review - 转身微笑 Turn Back & Smile by 郑可为Kewei

Homegrown talent takes a leap forward with her first all-original Mandarin album